21 Amazing Last Minute Carved Pumpkin Ideas For A Spooky Halloween


If you are looking for some spooky and fun carved pumpkin ideas for Halloween to impress your Halloween party guests and trick-or-treaters, then you have come to the right place. If you have been doing the same pumpkin ideas year after year and you are in need of some fresh inspiration, below we have all the latest pumpkin carving trends.

Mix up your DIY Halloween decorations by adding one of these fun ideas into your mix. You can use them to decorate indoors or outdoors. Traditional pumpkin carving can also be mixed up with the addition of some paint for a really unique and creative pumpkin. Underneath each of the images is a link to the creator of each of these carved pumpkin ideas where you can get further information and ideas. Happy Halloween!

Tell Us: Which one of these carved pumpkin ideas most inspired you and why in the Comments below!



1. DIY Pumpkin Emojis. Emojis are super hot right now, whether you use them for text messages or social media, so why not add them to your pumpkins this year? For this project, you will need pumpkins, yellow paint, a knife or pumpkin carving kit, a black sharpie, and blue, red, and white paint (depending on your favorite emoji picks). Get the complete instructions at the provided link. (via Bespoke Bride)


2. Winking Emoji Pumpkin. Mix and match your pumpkins, one more spooky and the other more playful. You will need either a knife or a pumpkin carving kit to make these pumpkins. Cut the tops of the pumpkins, scoop out the guts and then carve the faces. Be sure to use a pencil or black sharpie to trace out the shapes before cutting. Add a tea light for a spooky ambiance to greet your trick-or-treaters. (via @coach.steph_swim)


3. The Emoji Movie Pumpkins. If your family enjoyed “The Emoji Movie” from 2017, then you will love this pumpkin design inspired by the movie. This blogger offers free pumpkin carving templates of all the characters to help get you started. Check out the tutorial at the provided link. (via Crafty Mama in Me)


4. Pumpkin Birthday Party. These fun pumpkins will add a playful touch to your front porch. Using pumpkin stencils will help you to carve out the faces. You will need scrapbook paper to shape the cones into a variety of sizes for the hats. Be sure to secure them with tape and use an assortment of patterned paper circles for the decoration. Use paper fringes for some extra festive touches (local craft or party supply store). Hot glue the hats to the pumpkins. Get the free pumpkin patterns here. (via Greg Scheidemann for Better Homes & Gardens)


5. Crazy Eyes Jack-o-Lantern. This fun pumpkin features inset eyes. It requires a little extra effort in your carving skills but will be extra impressive for your trick-or-treaters. Tip: Toothpicks are handy to secure pumpkin pieces into place. (via @edotterj)


6. Baby Yoda Jack O’Lantern. This adorable Grogu ( “the Child” from the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian) pumpkin in his hovering pram will be an instant family favorite! To make this, you will need a large orange pumpkin for the pram and a smaller white pumpkin to create the head. Using a pumpkin carving kit, saw a hole for the pram. Use leftover pumpkin for the ears and two pieces for the body and hands. Toothpicks help to secure the pieces into place. Control buttons are carved out below the hands on the pram. The head is nestled into a small, wide jar. Use black buttons for the eyes. (via @bluemilkmama)


7. Spooky Haunted House Pumpkin. Re-creating this pumpkin is not as difficult as it looks with the use of a pumpkin carving stencil. Simply transfer the printout onto the pumpkin and cut it out with a carving tool set or a knife. Paint the spooky mansion with either black paint or a black marker. Get the free haunted mansion pumpkin stencil here. (via Andy Lyons for Better Homes & Gardens)


8. Googly Eyed Pumpkin Monster. This cool pumpkin was made using a tongue carved from a sweet potato. The staples are carved pumpkins made to appear like metal. The eyes and teeth are potatoes and carrots. (via @the_pumpkin_artist)


9. Charming Cottage Pumpkin. This adorable pumpkin would be simply charming on any doorstep. To create, you will need to create a lid at the top, where you see the white paint for the trim. Gut the pumpkin, cut out the door and windows and illuminate from within with an LED candle. You will need white, black, and green paint along with a paint brush to re-create this incredible pumpkin. (via @giadarosegoodman)


10. Smoke-O-Lantern. This unique pumpkin features carved-out eyes, a nose, and a toothy smile. Its stem is cleverly used as a cigar. Left-over pumpkin parts are inserted into the sides with toothpicks for the ears. (via 


11. Spooky Monster Pumpkin. This cool pumpkin has large triangle eyes and large scary teeth, crushing a smaller pumpkin in its jaws. Illuminate for your trick-or-treaters with an LED light and add a smoke machine for a spooky effect. (via @marcinwidel)


12. Cookie Monster Pumpkin. This fun pumpkin was painted with black, blue, and white paint and a touch of creativity. Trace out the mouth with a black sharpie and use a knife or pumpkin carving kit to gut the inside of the pumpkin. Paint the interior of the pumpkin where it is visible to the eye. Add some cookies or you can have your treats coming out of the mouth for your Halloween visitors. (via @artbychan._)


13. Creepy Cute Pumpkin. This pumpkin is a little bit creepy and a little bit cute and looks great in this spooky graveyard. You will need a little bit of pumpkin carving skills to carve out the face and some paint for the eyes and the teeth. (via @illustrious_interiors)


14. Drooping Spring Eyes Pumpkin. This broken pumpkin has plastic sleketon arms and faux teeth, along with drooping spring eyes. (via @thescottlees)


15. Smiling Pumpkin. This cool pumpkin features foam and wire arms to help accent a grinning face. The material for the arms was ordered from @villafanestudios. (via @milesofcarvings)


16. Desert Themed Carved Pumpkins. These beautiful pumpkins are a mix of carving and acrylic paint for a burst of color. Some faux flowers on the tops add the finishing touch. “Moira” is the name of the lady pumpkin in the front and she took four hours to create. She has pearls in her teeth! (via @mindlovemelissa)


17. The Hobbit House Pumpkin. Inspired by the movie The Lord of the Rings and home for hobbits Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins. This would make a great display on your kitchen table or Halloween party table, to the delight of your guests. Toothpicks are used in the round windows. (via @shades.of.art._)


18. Spooky Pumpkin Faces. These spooky faces have two different looks. The one on the right uses the stem of the pumpkin as the nose, with spooky eyes and mouth carved around it. The one on the left has pointy teeth, a pig-like nose, and ears carved from the leftover pumpkin material. Tip: Use toothpicks to affix appendages to the pumpkins. (via @jtskibrbe)


19. Fairy Pumpkin House. Pink and blue textured spray paint brings a magical look to this pumpkin that has windows and a door trimmed with colorful rhinestones. A wooden ladder made of twigs leads up to the door, which is adorned with a small fairy to greet its visitors. Faux pink flowers are hot glued to the top with a unicorn. (via @glmartin15)


20. Cute Pumpkin Lion. To make this cute pumpkin, you will need one big pumpkin, two jack-be-littles, and a couple of bundles of faux flowers that can be found at the Dollar Tree. To make, carve out the eyes and mouth. Cute the jack-be-littles in half from top to bottom. Attach with toothpicks for the snarly lip. For the ears, use the jack-be littles in half and affix the ears on the top of the head. Use carving tools to poke holes into the top of the head to put in the flowers for the lioness mane. (via @posh.palmer)


21. Spooky Eyeball Pumpkin. To make this pumpkin, insert a smaller white pumpkin with a painted eyeball into a larger orange pumpkin. The orange pumpkin will need to be gutted before placing the eyeball pumpkin inside. (via @luv2singa83)

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