Charming shingle-style cottage sits on a knoll above Lake Minnetonka


TEA2 Architects is responsible for the design of this beautiful shingle-style cottage nestled on Lake Minnetonka, just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This spacious two-story, 4,000 square foot lake house was designed to convey a smaller, charming cottage on a knoll. Built on a narrow ridge, the architects’ aligned main rooms with lake and marsh views front and back, with supporting spaces to the side. A multi-garage is tucked from view.

Above: The Marvin oval window frame is 2′-0″ wide x 3′-0″ tall. The planter in the window is 12″ tall x 14″ deep x 6′-10″ long. The roof and the gable end walls are both Blue Label Red Cedar shingles, with a bleached natural finish. A 50/50 mix of Cabot’s Bleaching Oil & Weathering Stain.

Project Team: Architect: TEA2 Architects | Contractor: Choice Wood Company | Interior Design: Billy Beson Company | Landscape Architect: Damon Farber


Above: All retaining walls and steps are solid bluestone, ranging from $80-$100 per linear foot. The columns are approximately 18” in diameter.


Above: The combination of teak and leaded glass is set in curves to echo other architecture curves and sweeps — creating a graceful and inviting entry.


Above: Highly divided transom windows over more open-paned glass lend character while preserving the view. The windows used throughout this project were Marvin Architecture Series. 


What We Love: This shingle-style cottage features warm and inviting living spaces that are perfect for family gathering and entertaining. People long for homes that meet their size needs but feel like comfortable cottages, at home in their environment. This project has shown that it is possible to have both.

Tell Us: What do you think of the overall look and feel of this shingle-style cottage design? Would this lake house be your idea of the perfect family getaway? Please share your thoughts in the Comments below?

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Above: Not just a “cell within a box,” the sun-filled kitchen commands a 270-degree view from marsh to the lake and sightlines to living and dining spaces. The flooring is a hand-scraped engineered walnut. The pendants are LBL Lighting “Cuttle” 181. The island is approximately 13′-0″ x 5′-6″, composed of American Black Walnut with an Arcadia Granite countertop.


Above: The dining room was designed around a beloved heirloom cabinet. Graceful stairs enhance the room’s character, as do hand-scraped floors.


Above: Even the simple act of washing is enriched by abundant light spilling over the basin, stone, and woodwork.



Above: The architects employed inset tile in the master bathroom to create a mosaic tile “rug”. Built-in glass cabinets provide airiness and balance to the room.


Above: The architects used features such as this curving dormer to create little “moments” both in the home and on the roofline. Here it allowed them to gracefully “cut the corner” between rooms as well as roof gables.



Above: This dreamy terrace is partly covered, with columns framing broad and tall views, to combine the best of indoors and nature — creating a magical place.



Above: The bluestone base is “dry-stacked” using tight mortar — a complement to the lighter, glass-filled structure above. The dark foundation reduces the perceived height and grounds the house to the land.


Above: Each story’s look reflects its purpose: The basement is solid and supportive (yet has abundant windows). The first floor is full of glass, light, and sweeping views. And the master suite, tucked in the roof of this shingle-style cottage, affords spectacular vistas.

Photos: Susan Gilmore

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4 years ago

This is my favorite house ever! The character and detail is splendid.