18 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Decorations For A Spooky Outdoors


Halloween is lurking around the corner, which means its time to get into the spirit of the season and decorate. If you are just looking for some last-minute ideas for your finishing touches or if you have not started decorating yet, we have you covered. Its time to think outside the box and add some spooky DIY Halloween decorations to your outdoor spaces. Create a scary environment with ghosts, ghouls, witches, bats and spiders.

These ideas can be a great way to get the whole family involved in the Halloween decorating process. Have a look below for our inspiring collection of ideas to add some Halloween decorations to your outdoor spaces. Don’t forget to let us know which one of these DIY Halloween decorations most inspired you and why in the Comments below! We love reading your feedback.


1. Giant Halloween Spiders. These giant spiders will add an eerily spooky look to the outside of your home. All you need is some foam tubes, foam balls and faux fur fabric — found at craft stores such as Michaels, JoAnn and Hobby Lobby. You will also need hot glue, stem wire, half-sphere wire globes and zip ties. These spiders can be 2-feet, 4-feet or 7-feet, or use a combination of sizes to create the ultimate spooky Halloween decor! Get the full tutorial at the provided link or view the how-to video below! (via Better Homes & Gardens)


2. Jack Skellington Door. Using a template, you can trace out the shapes onto black card stock. You will need black electrical tape to affix the eyes and nose to your door. The tape can also be used to create the form for the mouth. Get the free printable template here. Complete instructions can be found on the provided link. (via Twin Dragonfly Designs)


3. Spirit Jugs. To create this simple DIY, you will need gallon milk jugs, black permanent marker, craft knife and a string of clear low-wattage string lights. This is a fun project for the whole family to do! Draw spooky faces with the marker on your jugs, then color the faces in. Cut a whole in the back of the jugs and fill with several string lights. Line these glowing ghosts in front of your house, or put battery operated lights into each one and spread them out over your property (like luminaries). (via Eighteen25)


4. Tomato Cage Ghost. This easy and inexpensive DIY will take you less than 15 minutes to complete. You will need a tomato cage (Home Depot, Lowes) with the small end facing up. Wrap the cage with spooky orange Halloween string lights (you can also used white or purple). White king-size pillowcases (or white trash bags) will be used to make the ghost — make a cut about 1/4 way up both sides to fit. A black sharpie is needed to form the eyes and mouth. You stakes or boards for the base to hold them down. (via Princess Pinky Girl)


5. Glowing Eyes in the Bushes. To recreate this Halloween DIY, you will need empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls or even a long wrapping paper tube. Cut spooky eyes into the rolls. Insert glow sticks and cover the ends with duct tape. Add them into bushes, trees or anywhere in your yard for a spooky effect. (via Rust & Sunshine)


6. Halloween Monster Door. This simple door decor will have you Halloween ready in no time! All you need is two paper plates, a glass, crepe paper and duck tape. Other options to protect the paint on your door includes washi tape, painter’s tape, frog tape and white surgical tape (none of these should be left on for more than a few days). The paper plates are the eyes, using the cups to trace around for the black pupils. Hang the crepe paper in any color you wish to contrast with your door. (via Jen T By Design)


7. Spooky Mummy Door. This fun Halloween door decoration is simple to do, either inside or out. All you need is white party streamers to wrap your door, then tack on some paper eyes for your scary mummy! (via Honey and Fitz)



8. Witches Hats. This simple DIY can add a touch of spooky decor to your front door. Use fishing line to hang black witches hats from the ceiling of your porch. (via @southernsurroundings)


9. Spooky Halloween Porch. Illuminate your porch with DIY Halloween decorations, such as bat lanterns and pumpkin luminaries. (via Pinterest)


10. Tomato Cage Ghost. To make this simple yet spooky Halloween DIY, you will need: 2 tomato cages, 2 foam ball, 2-100 clear light sets, 1 white twin sized flat sheet, cut in half, a black felt marker and straight pins (a dozen or so). To create, wrap the lights around the cages. Put a face on the ghost and set atop the tomato cage, pinning on the sides and back to secure. Add rocks at the base to keep in place. Add these to your front door to greet trick-or-treaters! (via Our Daily Doings)


11. DIY Floating Witch Hat Luminaries. For this project you will need black witches hats, fishing line and LED light sticks (you could also use tea lights or glow sticks to illuminate the hats). To attach to the ceiling, try using the Command damage-free hanging ceiling hooks — these can be found at Target. (via Polkadot Chair)


12. Tangled Spider Web. To make this spooky spider web, you will need extra thick white yarn, while the ends are taped to the inside edge of the door using painter’s tape. The spiders are also a DIY, but you could also purchase them (glow in the dark spiders would be fun!) The DIY spiders were made using half 8″ and 3″ styrofoam balls, spray painted black. For the legs, giant chenille stems cut into 8 legs. For smaller spiders, use black pom poms for the heads and black pipe cleaners for the legs. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Jane Can)


13. Witches Cauldron. A simple way to add some DIY Halloween decorations to your front door. You could easily copy this look inexpensively with dollar store sign and accessories. (via 365 Days of Halloween)


14. The Monster Door. To make this toothy door, you will need a sheet of white craft foam to cut a row of teeth. The eyes are made from yellow craft foam and black craft foam for the pupils. Staple the pupils to the eyes. Use removable-foam mounting squares to affix the eyes above the door. The teeth should hang from the inside of the frame or affix to the door. (via Rapid City Journal)


15. Jack O’Lanterns. This is a DIY that is perfect for last minute, as once you cut into a pumpkin, they do not last that long. Use tea lights to illuminate the pumpkins. Mason jars with tea lights are held up with twine. A witch’s cauldron hangs from large tree branches. A bonfire below the cauldron can be illuminated with string lights, using faux or real wood.  (via Grim Hollow Haunt)


16. Halloween Witches Cauldron. To make this simple front porch Halloween decor, you will need: Plastic Cauldron, Pool Noodle (from the dollar store), Witches Tights (JoAnn’s), Pillow Stuffing, Witch shoe covers, packaging material and a battery operated light to illuminate the cauldron. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Princess Pinky Girl)


17. Witches Hats. Hang black witches hats with fishing wire and illuminate with string lights! (via @milesmama)


18. Giant Spider in Spiderweb. To recreate this, you will just need to pick up a few supplies from Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware… and a little patience! Supplies needed: White Poly Clothesline (3 – 100′ packs), 8 tubes of 1/2″ Pipe Insulation, 8 1/2″ pvc elbow joints (contractor pack), 2 mini red reflectors, black electrical tape, black spray paint, 2 large black trash bags, filler (old sheets, newspaper, plastic bags, etc), scissors and optional pre-packaged spider webbing. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via momendeavors)

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