Charming Pirate’s Life houseboat docked on the Charleston harbor

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This playful and spacious houseboat is called “A Pirate’s Life For Me”, one of five rentals that are docked in Mid-Peninsula downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Not only do you get to vacation right on the water, but right next to the historical district of charming Charleston. This charming houseboat was featured on FYI Network’s Tiny House Hunters, but at 400 square feet, it feels quite spacious thanks to a gut remodel!

The Pirate’s Life houseboat underwent a full gut remodel and was rebuilt using reclaimed materials… along with a little sweat and some TLC! The overall aesthetic is tranquil and comfortable. For those that are fortunate enough to spend their vacation here, you can enjoy your morning coffee and evening cocktails nestled on the deck. The deck offers spectacular views of the Charleston Harbor and the Ravenel Bridge.

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This spacious houseboat features vaulted 12-foot high ceilings in the main cabin (living room). There is plenty of room to move around with a queen-sized bed in the Captain’s Quarters and a twin bed in the living room that is a day bed.

The Scoop: If you are wishing to stay in this stylish houseboat, there are two beds on board, and can sleep up to four guests. The rate is $189/night, listed on the vacation rental website Airbnb.

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What We Love: From the turquoise ceiling to the beautiful wood flooring, this is a cozy and inviting houseboat that is perfect for a vacation getaway. Loving the pops of coral and turquoise against the bright white backdrop… and those amazing views of the Charleston harbor leaves us speechless. When can we come for a visit?

Readers, have you ever stayed in an Airbnb? Please share your experience in the Comments section below!

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Photos: Courtesy of AirBnB

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