Chic industrial warehouse in Australia offers sleek urban living

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It has been awhile since we showcased some real estate stalking, so we thought we would share with you this interesting piece of property with you. The home is located in the Sydney suburb of Annandale, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Its an incredible warehouse that was converted into a residence with industrial chic written all over it: suspended concrete, exposed columns, open ceilings and an open layout.

This spectacular home was spotted listed for sale on the Australian real estate website Domain for a mere $3.5 million!

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With 5,489 square feet (510 square meters) of living space, the brilliant floorplan offers four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Highlights includes: an expansive floorplan, open living environment with family spaces and a mezzanine level. Natural light illuminates the interiors thanks to northern exposure.

There is also plenty of natural airflow through an internal courtyard. Material elements includes: blonde timber, concrete form plywood and original steel and hardwood decking. The home also includes hydronic in-floor heating and a self-contained artist studio.

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Above: A cool internal courtyard opens to the interior living spaces via a factory metal and glass tilt door.

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What We Love: This industrial warehouse home offers a unique place to dwell in the heart of an urban city center. With concrete flooring, high ceilings, an open footprint… and a mezzanine, there are plenty of fantastic features in this home. We especially love the artist space, this is really the perfect home to inspire a budding artist or a seasoned pro.

Readers, do you think this industrial pad is worth the over three-million dollar price tag? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, we love your feedback!

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Above: The bedrooms also features their own interior courtyard oasis… perfect for urban living!

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Above: Another fantastic amenity this industrial warehouse residence offers is its own rainwater harvesting tank.

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