Classic New England style home with modern design elements

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This stunning New England shingle-style home was designed by LDa Architecture & Interiors, nestled on a heavily wooded property in Weston, Massachusetts. The young family of five had always lived in the area, but was looking for a fresh start. They desired a home that was customized to their lifestyle needs. Something different from their colonial style property they left behind just a mile away. The new home needed to be an open layout with modern design and plenty of personality.

The new home needed to reflect “a comfortable mix of livable, eclectic, and colorful, while still retaining elements of the family home they outgrew,” states the architects. Rustic and old world materials were combined in a rather refined and sophisticated manner. Materials such as antiqued oak, blue stone and bronze would feel approachable — yet surprising. The homeowners were looking to create a balance between durability and a casual, sophisticated design aesthetic.

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The architectural team decided to make the private spaces smaller, encouraging family interaction in the more spacious open areas, rather than retreating to private, over-sized bedroom suites. The main, public zones of the residence were designed to be both radiant and spacious. This was accomplished by designing a harmonious, yet diverse assortment of styles and materials.

“The two main staircases in the dwelling were designed to illuminate the interiors with natural light, punctuating the sculptural quality of their construction,” states the architects. “Expansive windows across the rear of the property are a nod to the modern and a provide a direct connection to the New England landscape.”

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What We Love: This New England style home showcases light-filled spaces with a fantastic open layout that encourages family interaction. Material elements mix cohesively to create inviting interiors and adds warmth to an otherwise modern aesthetic. Loving the pops of color throughout—orange, chartreuse and purple, adding personality and some playfulness to the design scheme… Readers, what are your thoughts on the overall design of this home?

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