Scandinavian-inspired cottage surrounded by forest in Quebec


Cargo Architecture has designed this charming Scandinavian-inspired cottage located in Charlevoix, a region in the Canadian province of Quebec. The area is know for its wooded valleys, skiable mountains and breathtaking vistas. At the heart of the boreal forest, Villa Boréale is nestled on a sloped, private setting, matching up nicely with the ubiquitous vegetation of the surroundings.

The homeowners are a dynamic young couple in their early thirties, who sought out an architect that could assist them throughout the construction process. The collaboration begun by finding the ideal site within the Municipality of Petite-Rivière-St-François and near the ski center Le Massif. The team chose to work on a wooded area at mounting foot, well oriented, with a great potential for intimacy.

Note: This home is available as a vacation rental, anywhere from 2 nights to 7 nights, ranging from $1,195 – $3,495, here.


The project’s design comes from a global vision: A Scandinavian inspiration, a cottage with clean lines, a modern barn. The materials in their raw appearance influenced the general concept, as well as pale tones and natural textures such as wood, concrete and the white color.

The black metal cladding also creates an impressive contrast that highlights the smooth matte finish of the steel and the natural grain of the Eastern white cedar. Moreover, as the entrance to the site is significantly higher than the house floor level, the choice of installing the same black metal cladding on the roof became clear, in order to provide a neat signage at first glance.


Throughout the design, the site was quickly revealed as a powerful element of the project. By choosing carefully the location and size of each window, external views were highlighted, and the atmosphere created by natural light is pleasant throughout the whole day.

As for the position of the large sliding door, it was “ pushed “ toward the main interior open space with the intention of subtly separating the internal functions while creating a outside protected space. All these intentions ultimately aim to capture the essence of this project: the surrounding nature and wildlife.


Regarding the program, the objective to offer a total of 14 sleeping places and three bathrooms was respected, despite the constraints of floor area, thus requiring an intelligent and vigilant drafting work. The interior spaces have been designed to simplify circulation while providing a sense of grandeur.

The mezzanine also offers a lot of flexibility in terms of functions: it is a master bedroom, a playroom for kids, a reading corner, a quiet place to nurse a young baby, etc.


“The house can be described as a home in harmony with the natural context of the boreal forest, and a clear symbol of a contemporary vision of the Quebec cottage: light, nature, purity and simplicity,” states the architects.


What We Love: This Scandinavian-inspired cottage offers clean lines and modern simplicity. A peaceful retreat to enjoy throughout the seasons, surrounded by a forested setting. The barn-like architectural style adds a warm and inviting aesthetic that makes this home the perfect vacation retreat.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this home, would you stay here for a vacation getaway? 


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Photos: 1Px Photography

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