Pacific Palisades home showcases transitional and modern elements

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Studio William Hefner along with interiors firm Annette English & Associates designed this home infused with transitional and modern elements, located in the Pacific Palisades is a coastal neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. The exterior facade is comprised of standing-seam-metal pitched roofs, splitface limestone on the ground level with wood siding above. Expansive steel framed windows are set on the ground level, while wood framed windows can be seen on the upper level. While the exterior demonstrates a more traditional styling, the interior showcases clean lines and simple details.

The homeowners wanted there to be plenty of natural light added to the interior of their 7,700 square foot abode. To do this, the architect broke up the large structure into smaller elements. Each room was maximized to the views of the surrounding property, of which the architects also designed. A central courtyard was an integral feature to the design, it helps to bring in light and ventilation. The courtyard is also accessible from the living, dining and family rooms.

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Material selections throughout this Pacific Palisades home are timeless and classic; something the homeowners could live with and not ever get tired of. The luminous living room is a perfect example of this, showcasing a fireplace of split-face limestone with steel-framed windows symmetrically placed on either side. Even though this space is predominately white, it is a work of art, featuring a cocktail table that looks like a sculpture. Oak flooring is covered with a neutral hued area rug to ground the space. Green ceramic lamps adds a touch of vintage to the space, while a stunning chandelier completes the look.

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What We Love: This Pacific Palisades home features a beautiful mix of transitional and modern elements, resulting in a serene, subtle sanctuary with not a lot of bold colors. When you walk through this home, you gain a less is more experience, with light-flooded interiors and great attention to detail.

Readers, what are your thoughts, do you think this would be a great house to live in? Why or why not, let us know in the comments below.

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A live edge acacia wood dining table adds to the visual beauty of this space. Access to the central outdoor courtyard brings in natural light and fresh breezes.

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In the kitchen, clean-lined rift-cut oak paneling and cabinetry was used. A built-in breakfast nook provides views out to the back of the property. Limestone flooring can be seen here and in other areas of this Pacific Palisades home.

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Throughout the home you will notice the homeowner’s postwar art collection.

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A gallery-like entrance hall features a dramatic freestanding staircase as its focal point to the space. A gray painted glass wall that took its inspiration from artist Gerhard Richter completes the aesthetic. The glass wall is the art for the space and creates a “wow” factor from the moment of entry into the home.

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Photos: Grey Crawford

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4 years ago

I LOVE the black windows and french doors and sliding glass paneled door. What brand and style of windows and doors to exterior are these?