An open and airy apartment in Madrid with spacious layout

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A contemporary apartment showcasing bright, open spaces has been renovated by architecture studio OOAA Arquitectura, located in a structure built in 1948 in Madrid, Spain. The architects were tasked with not only renovating the interiors of this apartment, but also the decoration of this family home. Their goal was to achieve a synthesis of functionality and beauty, a comfortable atmosphere where life flows naturally. To achieve this, the proposal was to create an open organization with a succession of open spaces, all within a 2,185 square foot (203 square meters) envelope. To do this, from the living room to the kitchen, through the hall and office, distribution is more free and continuous, with a generous flow of natural light that now runs unhindered throughout. They were careful to maximize the finishes, the woodwork and floors, combining ceramic tiles and white oak flooring. The result is a serene architectural framework, with decor that is fresh and neutral and unique pieces that are timeless and simple.

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Originally the house consisted of two wings connected by a long, dark central corridor. This space disappeared and is integrated into the new office, an environment that enjoys natural light. Great care was taken in color selection, woodwork, carpets, upholstery, wallpaper, paintings and furniture. The neutral backdrop helps t0 highlight works of art and small details that personalize the spaces throughout.

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What We Love: Plenty of natural light and a great flow between spaces make this a very warm and welcoming family home renovation that will last for years to come. We also really love the adorable children’s bedrooms, some fun creativity went into the design of them! What do you think of this apartment renovation?

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Photos: Courtesy of OOAA Arquitectura

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