Historically preserved 17th century villa in the Italian countryside

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This 17th century country residence was renovated and historically preserved for a family with a passion for art and design by Visionnaire, located in Bologna, Italy. Rolling hills covered with cypress trees surrounds the ancient villa, an imposing structure that features classical lines. The three-story home had been abandoned and neglected for years and was in need of new life being infused back into it. The home is that is designer Eleonora Cavalli, creative director of Visionnaire, the Bologna-based company that since 1959 creates furnishings and beautiful design. Generous outdoor spaces offers plenty of area for entertaining family and friends, with a garden sofa and chairs designed by Visionnaire. Inside, an open plan living room and kitchen features darker wood beams on the ceiling that contrasts nicely with the lighter wood plank flooring that travels throughout the interiors. All furnishings are the exclusive design of Visionnaire. The walls are hunts with works of famous artists, decor features sculptures and artists’ proofs. A bevelled edge glass bookcase houses the homeowner’s extensive book collection, which is overflowed into the basement. The basement is an inmate space that not only offers bookcases but more of the owner’s art collection and the perfect space to accommodate overnight guests.

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A staircase leads to the upper levels, which showcases a preserved wall of brick to emphasize the structure’s past. The sunlit bedrooms on the upper level are filled with Visionnaire furnishings. Bathrooms feature colorful mosaic tiles. The finished result is a perfect blend of rustic and luxurious, classic and modern… simply fantastic! What do you think?

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Photos: Courtesy of Visionnaire

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