34 Absolutely dreamy bedroom decorating ideas

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Turn a mundane bedroom into a luxury retreat with these inspirational bedroom decorating ideas, leaving you fantasizing about re-decorating with the help of some of our design tips. These bedrooms that we have collected for you are truly magical, with a touch of whimsy and serenity all rolled into one.

The bedroom should be a sanctuary to come home to, to get a peaceful night’s sleep and leave the pace of your workday behind, at least for a few hours. Most bedrooms seem to be cluttered and the last room in the house that people care about putting their decorating dollars into.

When we have guests over to entertain, the first thing they see is the public spaces of the home, living room, dining room, kitchen, so we tend to worry more about how these spaces look. However, we all deserve to have a tranquil oasis to relax, so we should take the time to create a cozy and welcoming retreat that is all yours!

Have a look through the images below to get inspired to create your own dreamy slice of heaven and a few tips along the way to help get you started on your bedroom re-decoration project.

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Have a look through the images below and let us know which one is your favorite and why! Looking for more bedroom inspiration? Have a look at some past fabulous articles that we have presented to you here on One Kindesign, such as One Kindesign’s 45 most dreamy bedrooms of 2013 and 55 Spectacular and cozy bedroom fireplaces.

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Lanterns, candles, textures and beautiful fabrics are the perfect mix for a dreamy bedroom scheme. To create contrast, try a duvet in a neutral color with a patterned coverlet on top. Layering pillows creates comfort and a beautiful aesthetic. Accent pillows should pick up the colors of a print from the bedding or should flow well with the selected color scheme. A bedskirt gives a more relaxed and elegant feel.

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Silky curtains helps to soften the space, while neutral linen bedding adds texture and romance. A bedroom with a view creates a tranquil oasis, especially next to a pool or a water feature. There is nothing like the sound of a trickling water feature from an open window to help you fall asleep! French doors completes the look.


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Area rugs add texture, pattern and coziness to a bare floor in the bedroom. They also define the space and prevents your feet from stepping on a cold bare floor first thing in the morning!

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Creating ambient lighting in your bedroom is a must. A flattering light fixture in a bedroom can make all the difference and really complete the dreamy look. A dramatic fixture such as a chandelier and some smaller scale night table lamps can create a perfect mix.

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If you are looking to create a calm atmosphere and get a restful nights sleep, try incorporating a neutral or monochromatic color palette into your bedroom design scheme, such as above.

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Decorating your space with attractive furniture pieces to store clothing and other items with help you to maintain a clutter-free and elegant bedroom. Tip: Let artwork inspire your wall color. The perfect shade of blue helps to tie everything together in this stunning bedroom scheme.

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Fairy lights and white bedding in the bedroom shown above creates a dream-like atmosphere.

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Painting a wall mural behind your bed not only creates a dramatic focal point to the space, it can transport you to somewhere else, like a tropical retreat that is soothing to the soul.

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A wood shelf above the bed is a great budget-minded idea if you don’t have a headboard behind your bed. It creates a focal point and is a great way to add a touch of whimsy to the spaces with some personal decor items and candles to create a romantic mood.

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A chandelier on the ceiling with glass and metallic accents adds polish and some sparkle.

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This exposed brick fireplace in the bedroom is a great idea to add some charm and some warmth on a cool evening. It makes a statement of romance and creates a nice focal point. The one above is dual-sided, with a cozy sitting area on the other side, bringing in a touch of luxury. The fireplace is whitewashed with a rustic feel, but if you can’t afford to create a brick fireplace, another solution is to use a firebox brick liner to create the look on a budget!

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