Great ways to improve your apartment interiors

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Your apartment interiors should be designed to support you and your living needs, helping you to decompress and unwind at the end of a long day. If this is your first apartment, creating a space that is functional, organized and cozy can be a major challenge. If you have a look at a helpful website such as Apartment Therapy in New York, there are all sorts of ideas on how to dramatically change the way your apartment looks and feels, all with some easy to follow steps. No matter what your budget, it is possible to implement any type of style inside of these different apartment interiors, whether it be contemporary, modern, traditional, transitional, eclectic, beach style, industrial, you name it.

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Living Room Add Ons

There are some great additions you can make to your living room to make it feel more unique. Unfortunately most apartments are not very spacious, but if you like to entertain guests, this may not allow you enough room to have ample seating for everyone. That is why you should consider floor pillows for extra seating. These oversized pillows can be placed next to a coffee table or sofa and are great for instant seating or for lying on the floor while watching the TV. Taller side tables are a great addition as well. Most people go for tables that are smaller or on the level with their seating. However, taller tables provide more room underneath for added storage, plus it can increase the dramatic appearance in the living room. Adding in a tall cabinet works the same way. Tall cabinets use a lift, which can increase the amount of storage room available in the apartment.

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Add Accents to a Room

There are some excellent ways to add some pizzaz to any plain room in the apartment. A statement area rug is a really great way to tie the room together. Maybe the rug has a bold color pattern or it is just unique in some way. Regardless, having this kind of a rug is a great addition. Adding some type of foilage to your apartment can make excellent accent pieces, not to mention it helps improve the air quality in the room by absorbing pollutants. A fiddle leaf fig tree or even some citrus trees are great indoors, can add color and also help improve the smell as well.

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For someone on an extreme budget, adding an accent wall is a nice way to start. This accent wall is designed to stand out from the rest, such as a red wall, with the surrounding walls in a neutral color. This makes a great addition to any apartment and can truly help take the apartment to the next level. You can also try adding decals or a chalkboard wall. If your apartment is a rental and you are not allowed to paint, you can used chalkboards decals, which are removable and do wonders at livening up large expanses of boring white walls. If you are really wanting to use chalkboard paint, you don’t necessarily have to use a wall. Just about anything can be transformed into a chalkboard surface, such as an old mirror with a unique frame (pick it up at a salvage yard or yard sale). If you are not allowed to hang anything on your walls, you can prop it on a table that is pressed against a wall, a great focal point!

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Transform an Extra Closet

It is possible to transform an extra closet so it not only holds more, but looks great doing it. Try painting the inside of the closet, leaving the trim white (or a different color) just makes it feel more like a house. Plus, setting up a desk with shelving can help separate the different items that are to be found inside of the closet, and even wall boards make it possible to hang small odds and ends, without getting cluttered, so it is far easier for anyone to find what it is they need from inside the closet. If you have an upper shelf, try storing small items in baskets to keep organized. An extra closet can also be transformed into a small office space which can be closed off when you are not working.

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