55 Sleek and sexy masculine bedroom design ideas

masculine bedroom with brick walls and black and white artwork, trunk as a side table and white and orange pillows

A stylish and sexy masculine interior bedroom design typically involves the absence of glamorous accessories and bright and airy hues, showcasing in its place, minimalistic details with layers of darker shades. These rooms can be very stylish, and inviting for both genders to appreciate the beautiful aesthetics to a masculine space. There are certain qualities and materials that pertain to a masculine design, items such as leather, flannel and wool tend to evoke a more manly vibe. As do darker hues such as black, gray, brown and dark blues. Straight lines as well as hard edges will read as masculine, as does the use of rougher materials such as concrete.

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. In this article, we will discuss different ways to transform your primary bedroom into a masculine space that reflects your personal style. By incorporating dark colors, clean lines, natural elements, and different decorative elements, you can create a sleek space with a masculine vibe.

city mural on wall with bed on the floor with dark comforter

We have gathered together a collection of sexy masculine bedroom design ideas that are very stylish and inviting. There are bedrooms to suit different tastes, from a more classic style to spaces that are more rugged in nature. These spaces are not all exactly the same, and they are not just for men. They do help to answer the question of how to create your own stylish and comfortable bedroom if you tend to lean towards the concrete and simple rather than the lavish and cushy. Which one of these bedrooms is the best, in your opinion? 

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Masculine Bedroom with artwork above the brown leather bed, dressers with lamps on top


Simple Design: 

A clutter-free environment with simple lines and neutral colors helps create a sense of masculinity. Enhance the vibe and create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Focal Point:

Every room needs a focal point or statement piece. This could be furniture, an area rug, a dark blue accent wall, or colorful wall art. These elements add visual interest and personality to your space.

Color Scheme: 

If you’re looking to create a masculine environment, be sure to incorporate dark hues. Colors like deep grays, rich browns, and classic blacks are the perfect choice for achieving a bold and strong look. 

Natural Light: 

Maximize natural light in your bedroom by minimizing window treatments. This will create a warm and inviting atmosphere that elevates the overall aesthetic of the room. 

Dark Wood: 

Dark shades of wood floors and furniture can add a sleek and masculine look to your room while maintaining a sense of warmth and natural beauty. 

Light Fixtures: 

Upgrade your home decor with a touch of masculinity by adding in industrial-style lights or bedside table lamps with dark metal finishes. 


Enhance the overall design of your room by using throw pillows with bold patterns. Opt for a mix of materials, such as leather and dark fabric, to add a masculine touch.

bedroom with masculine vibes with dark walls and light colored bed

masculine bedroom with stone walls and fireplace with tv on mantle

Masculine Bedroom Design with dark walls and black and white photos on wall and white and grey bed

Masculine Bedroom with black walls, black decor and black bed set

masculine bedroom with dark painted walls and striped bedroom set

Masculine Bedroom with dark walls and headboard and furry blanket

Masculine Bedroom with dark walls and black headboard and grey comforter

Masculine Bedroom with black leather walls

Masculine Bedroom with black nightstand and lamp with orange comforter and black and white wall art

masculine industrial bedroom with stone walls and large wooden bed

masculine bed with yellow checkered sheets and striped blanket

masculine bedroom with white walls, dark comforter and sheets with dark fuzzy blanket

masculine bedroom with white walls and black and white wall art, large window and dark comforter with white sheets

masculine bedroom with dark striped walls and white bed set

Masculine Bedroom with textiles walls and brown suede headboard and white comforter and dark blankets

masculine bedroom with dark textiled walls, navy blue comforter and white sheets and window

masculine bedroom with brown decor and walls, colored wall art

textile patterned walls with grey comforter and black lamps

Masculine Bedroom with grey walls and decor with a clue chair in the corner

bedroom with large window door to a patio with a view

Masculine Bedroom with white bedsit and dark spotted walls

Masculine Bedroom Design Ideas-25-1 Kindesign

bedroom with bedframe built in bookshelf with tan bedspread and tan chair

Masculine Bedroom Design with tan leather headboard with blue walls with small photos on wall

masculine bedroom with dark purple bedding and neutral colored walls, wall art on walls and dark purple and white lamp on nightstand

bedroom with stone walls and brown headboard, blue bedding and large photo above headboard

dark colored shiplap with bed with metal headboard and animal skin blanket

masculine bedroom with dark walls and ceiling with brown bedding and bookshelves full of books and large windows

bedroom with dark walls and pictures with white matting, dark colored bedding and brown leather chair

overhead view of dark grey bedding and dark brown headboard with grey walls and dark colored door with carpeted rug

masculine bedroom with tan walls and wallet with Mac computer on dark desk and black bedding with blanket

dark colored bedroom with black bedding and grey stone walls with open glass closet

teen boy room with black wall accent wall with relax artwork, grey bedding and red and white chair

bedroom with windows and brown bedding with guitar laying on the side of the bed

brown headboard and footboard with blue textiles walls and blue rug with grey  bedding and window with a view of the city

bedroom with large windows and wooden wall with wall art and bedspread with patches

masculine bedroom with white comforter and green walls and watercolor wall art

masculine bedroom with tan bedding and brown walls with red stripe, brown chair with book on the brown rug

grey stone walls with black bedding and MacBook on bed

masculine bedroom with dark walls, a window, white and red bedding and a bench at the foot of the bed

brown bed with blue bedding and white walls with striped rug

grey walls with black and grey patterned bedding and small metal nightstand

dark colored walls with grey and black bedding and yellow pillows with fuzzy rug and open closet

bedroom with white walls, grey headboard, white bedding and wall art above the bed

black walled bedroom with white bedding and black leather with black blanket and yellow pillows; black nightstand with lamp

masculine bedroom with brown bedding, wooden flooring and ceiling and beige wall with large wall art and extra large window

beige textile walls with brown and beige headboard with large mirror and large rug

black walls, headboard and bedding with silver bed frame and nightstand

bed with white and blue headboard and grey shiplap wall with black bedding

masculine bedroom with black and grey striped bedding, grey stone walls and light above bed headboard

bedroom with white walls and sheets with grey headboard and trunk as nightstand with lamp

black walls, headboard, and footboard with white bedding and dark dressers with mirrors

masculine bedroom with grey walls and white and grey bedding with wooden latter holding photos

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