7 Stunning Home Extension Ideas

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 A home extension is an extremely effective way to make the most of your living space. You can improve the aesthetic beauty of your home, and increase its value. A home extension is a cost-effective alternative to selling your home or building a new home. Home extensions can be used for living space, for work, or to accommodate guests. You may also add an extension to your home to accommodate extended family. Here are 7 inspirational ideas for a stunning home extension.

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Small Project Extensions

The most common rooms that homeowners choose to extend are the kitchen, master bedroom, or den. If these rooms are located in an outer area, it is easy to extend the space by knocking out a wall and making the room bigger. You can install large windows for more light, or glass in an entire wall. You can also add a fireplace with built-in bookshelves for a cozy seating arrangement.

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Two Storey Extension

A great way to extend your living space is by adding a balcony. The balcony roof will provide a shady area outside the living room. The rear living room wall could be replaced with glass doors. Additional space for entertaining can be achieved by adding a deck or patio. A tall trellis extending to the second storey provides privacy and additional shade.

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Victorian Home Dining Extension

Victorian houses were typically designed with a narrow, unused space at the rear of the house. Breathe new life into the space by adding an extension to use as a dining area, with a glass roof to provide natural light. A brick wall with recessed lighting adds emphasis.

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Living Room Extension

A small living room can be made larger by adding a glazed extension to the room. This has the effect of bringing the outdoors inside. It is particularly effective when the view in the room is overlooking your garden. You can enhance it even more by adding a decked patio area and decorating the space with colorful plants and trees.

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Add a Sunroom

A small sunroom provides extra space for relaxing, reading a good book, or enjoying some quiet time. It’s ideal for those cold winter days when you spend more time indoors. However, a sunroom is a wonderful area you can enjoy all year round. This home extension can be an entirely new addition, accessible by a door in the house, or you could transform an existing room into a sunroom and use it as an additional living space.

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Add a Home Office

A stunning home office extension makes working at home even more enjoyable. Renovating an existing room and extending it to add large, bay windows, a comfortable seating area, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves provide privacy combined with plenty of space.

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Add a Guest House or Studio

Additional living space or a studio can be constructed from an existing garage. This is a versatile way to add extra space for guests to stay or for you to use as an artist’s studio. The space outside can be converted into a patio for entertaining. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace is a special touch.

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You will, of course, probably need funding to do any of these properly. Unless you are a skilled tradesman, these are well beyond the realm of a DIY project. You’ll need to get in professionals, and that means money. Fortunately, there has never been as good a time to be shopping around for mortgage deals. Rates are forecast to go up in the near future, so if you are thinking about adding a home extension, now is a great time to do it.

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