A serene oasis in Melbourne: One Hot Yoga

We just received photos of this incredible brand new yoga studio called “One Hot Yoga.” The first hot yoga studio of its kind, maintaining 37 degrees with an efficient natural heating and fresh air ventilation system. The studio is a fresh, contemporary, luxe space situated in River Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia. Robert Mills Architects has a reputation for world class luxury residential design, such as this recent post Sorrento House, and his skills have now been applied to create a serene oasis in a densely urban corner of Melbourne’s inner city.

Robert facilitates effortlessly comfortable spaces – design that doesn’t shout at you or demands your attention, but just effects peace, ease and uplifts the spirit.

The philosophy is kept simple and practical in this studio, avoiding woolliness and mysticism. This is directly reflected in the design of each individual space from the paired back change rooms with recycled oak benches, to the polished concrete floor of the practice studio on the first floor.

“The studio employs a natural radiant heating and fresh air system –it feels like a balmy summer day with a fresh breeze, rather than smelling like old gym socks and suffocating forced air. The hydronic system is the lowest energy use system in Melbourne, so it is better for the environment. Ultimately Robert has achieved a truly beautiful space where people can experience the wisdom and bliss of yoga.”

Photos: Courtesy of Robert Mills Architects

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