Exceptional white on white loft in Paris

This unique loft called, “Abstraction Active” has been designed by the French architectural firm, Smoothcore Architects in Paris, France. The loft illustrates active design as well as abstract architecture, centered on a unique winding staircase with built-in bookshelves to address the owner’s love and vast collection of books and magazines. There is also an entire wall comprised of a built-in bookshelf in the main living area chalk full of books! The dining room and kitchen is separated by a divider wall of shelves encased with thin glass doors that takes the place of a buffet to store dishes for entertaining. The apartment is dressed with white on white, with a few furnishings in a chocolate hue to add some color to the space. The bathroom is all white except for a royal blue divider wall. The staircase leads to a rooftop deck with gardens and sitting areas.

Photos:  Cécile Septet

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