Unique modern dwelling in Guatemala City

Casa Luz is a unique modern home designed by Paz Arquitectura situated in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Built on three levels, this stunning property showcases a mix of exposed concrete, wood and tempered glass as well as natural shades to display an eye-catching visual appeal. Here is a project description from the architects, “with intent to emphasize the structural elements, and to seek to highlight the local construction methods and materials, design work was done using fine timber formwork in order to leave a permanent imprint on the exposed concrete. The large windows explore the opportunities to open the space as much as possible, and using floor to ceiling windows allows the rooms to become a balcony. Existing vegetation is preserved so that when you open the windows you could have a visual relationship with the existing trees. White was used for horizontal and vertical planes (slabs and walls) in order to cause the spread of natural light.” Via

Visit the website of Paz Arquitectura here.

Photos:  Andrés Asturias

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