Fascinating concrete dwelling flooded by natural light

This incredible two-storey residence in situated in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, designed by Anastasia Architects. The 3,982 square foot (370 square meters) property seeks an architectural approach to maximize the use of the site and increase the boundaries of both the internal and external areas. The floor plan is rectangular and compact, expanding out to the site’s sidelines. The rooms are illuminated by large doors on the front and exterior facade and also by matted glass punctuated into the side of the building. A glass cover over a concrete pergola complements the illumination through an indoor garden. Therefore, the house is flooded by indirect natural light that besides avoiding artificial lighting during the day, also avoids excessive heat from direct sunlight.

The prevailing wind comes from the street, thus the entering doors work as regulators of wind speed. Totally opened in the summer, praise cross ventilation, or closed in the winter, or even semi opened if little ventilation is desired. The residence was established in the street level, one meter above natural ground, in order to avoid unevenness and improve accessibility of the social areas. It also allows the house increased protection from the soil moisture. The home and the pool run on solar energy. The physical appearance of the residence is lightweight (despite its aesthetics of exposed concrete), lighted and ventilated, with pleasant and proportional spaces that puts into practice the initial desire to the best possible use of external area. Via

Visit the website of Anastasia Architects here.

Photos: Jomar Bragança

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