Rustic Fire Island treehouse

Welcome to this stunning residence on Fire Island, New York, a cool 2-level tree house that is situated in a dense grove of pines and hollies with a view of the bay from the second level. The approach to the 1,440 square foot home designed by Bates Masi Architects is by way of a raised wooden walkway that leads us to a walled deck and glass entrance. Two guest bedrooms, bath and guest deck are on the first floor with a steel stair leading to the living, dining, kitchen and master suite on the second floor.

All exterior and interior wall surfaces and cabinets are rough cut cypress; the flooring is bleached oak. The ceilings are exposed fir structural members and doors and windows are aluminum. The cypress vertical louvers on the high windows reduce the intensity of the southern sun. The east and west walls of the house are virtually blank because of the close proximity of the neighbors and a public walkway.

Visit the website of Bates Masi Architects here.

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