Fabulous waterfront property in Seawall’s Point

The River Road House was designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects and is located in Sewall’s Point, Florida. Its exterior is quite diverse, as this home showcases a series of well-defined volumes united in an intriguing composition. The home stretches over an area of 12,300 square feet and is enriched by a generous pool.

Everything was thoroughly planned: Interior spaces are carefully orchestrated to conceal and reveal dramatic views to the water. Surprise and delight are amplified by skillful interior and exterior framing. In the same way, the arrangement of program and use moves inhabitants through a logical gradient from public to private space, from activity to slumber, from conviviality to introspection. At either end of the longitudinal axis that connects the two domestic partitions; separate stairways enhance circulation and provide discrete access to the three-storied parapets.

According to the architects, the structures can remind one the canvases belonging to famous painter Georges Braque, due to the fact that geometric forms appear and disappear in a constant dance of illusion and materiality.

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