Absolutely beautiful decorated shed

The Farm is a 150 rolling acres of property that has been carefully created and curated to be the ultimate experience in sophistication, Zen and sustainable living. The farm was purchased 11 years ago as a vacation home by Esther Dormer who is a founder of the Future Fund, a venture capital firm, with her husband Brian Dormer who is an airline pilot. Located 15 minutes from downtown Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, this is not your typical countryside home. With an elegant, verdant vision, the farm has been shaped by Esther Dormer, over a period of a decade. She and her team, including interior and exterior designer Lisa Dagnal and organic expert, Darrell Frey, have formulated a veritable oasis of calm and beauty.

The home features a 24-foot-long table made from salvaged wood and a pool table covered in hammered, studded aluminum, crystals hanging from trees, plenty of antiques and organic design. It is a unique place that mixes a visceral connection to nature with lush and luxurious surroundings. From the Zen outdoor seating areas, the intricate, natural landscape and ponds, to the chic entertainment areas furnished with distinctive collectibles from around the globe, the property is an environment of unparalleled opulence and innate splendor. Via

Photos: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

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