The magical safari house

This unique retreat is located in Kenya, Africa, owned and designed by the very talented Italian designer Marzia Chierichetti. Marzia studied Art and Interior Design in Milan, she later got into jewelry and other types of design when she moved to Kenya. This stunning rustic retreat is nestled amongst sand-dunes and coconut palms on a broad Indian ocean beach. Marzia allowed her surrounding elements to inspire her, her imagination went rampant in this wild place. She created her own beautiful refuge, a house of light, flowing lines and quiet space; open to the elements and fresh air. The mango wood she uses is grown in the local coastal belt and for every mango tree harvested, 10 are re-planted in the local villages. Creating “something from nothing” is how Marzia likes to describe her work. This incredible dwelling comes complete with all the essentials for a daily modern life of indulgence and relaxation, all furnished by Marzia’s own personal creations. Via

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