Exquisite countryside home in Portugal

This lovely country home has been decorated by interior designer Marta Espregueira Mendes. Located in Portugal next to the Minho river, this incredible vacation home has features and artifacts that have been preserved, mixed with new materials and furniture that comes from the Middle East. The home was renovated so that the owner’s could enjoy their home with family, friends, and colleagues, yet still have privacy.

The main living area is 1,800 square feet, designed to be the social core of the home as well as a point of connection between the two wings of the housing. One side houses the adult bedrooms, a large private office and fabulous kitchen. The other wing serves as the younger side of the house, with a game room and several bedrooms as well as a loft that split off as a division of private spaces, the adult bedrooms and the children’s’ bedrooms. Via

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11 years ago

french countryside …? french….? what does it mean… ?

13 years ago

great post, thanks for sharing