Impressive small space design in this Spanish retreat

This magnificently comfortable and stylish 538 square foot (50 square meters) guest house in Málaga, Spain was designed for a couple to be next to their main house for when family and friends come to visit. Decorated with custom-made furniture from Morocco and finishes of brick and terracotta tiles throughout, this guest house features all the beauty and grace of the Andalusian style. There are no doorways or divisions throughout the spaces, only arcs, Arab style. There are dramatic high ceilings and wood beams, and all the framing and wood cabinetry has been stained in a green tone as an accent. What is most impressive about this guest house is how much was built in to such a small space and how elegantly it was constructed. If this is just the guest house, one can only imagine how beautiful the main house would be! Via

The beautiful brick archway and wrought iron gates gives way to an Andalusian style patio full of flowers and iron furniture.

Instead of creating a separate dining space, the kitchen counter extends out to a small breakfast bar to eat or work at the kitchen counter.

The bathroom is decorated with artesian tiles and custom-made wooden furniture. The shower is a work of art with its painted ceiling in blue indigo and decorated with stars.

The bedroom receives ample natural light through the hallway arches, the small windows keep the room protected from the outside heat. The double doorway between the two cabinets leads to the bathroom.

Photos:  Santiago Moreno

We just love this guest house, anytime they want to extend an invitation we will be right over! Their design style is incredible, all the beautiful fabrics, great architecture, high dramatic ceilings, and so much compacted into a small space, we could so live here, how about you?

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