Unique living terrariums for your home

Lítill terrariums, handcrafted in Portland, Oregon are not your typical terrariums. Lítill, which is the Icelandic word for “tiny,” seems to fit with the aesthetic and the vibe of the design. Influenced by the minimalistic yet colorful ambiance of Palm Springs, Lauren’s terrarium designs are miniature, modern works of art, small living sculptures created as decor for your home. Lauren collaborates with a variety of people to help piece together one of her unique masterpieces. First, she comes up with a line drawing and dimensions, which she then passes on to her glass blower, who crafts the actual container. She then sources plants and cacti from all over, ensuring that slow growing plants are chosen so they will not grow out of the vessel. Each treasure inside the terrarium is carefully hand-picked. Lítill offers six different kits of such terrariums. Each of them includes the unique container, sand, and a selection of special plants. All Lítill’s mini terrariums differs in size and shape because the glass vessels are hand-blown.

These terrariums are lots of fun to display around your home and they can be replicated quite easily on your own. Pier 1 Imports and other home accent stores have decorative glass containers to begin. Go to an art supply store like Michaels Arts and Crafts to get the sand, moss, river rocks and any other types of accents such as seashells to display with it. The plants and cacti can be picked up from Home Depot or any other garden center. Design them for your dining table and change them up for the seasons. Happy crafting!

The terrarium above can be found at Terrain.

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