Ten Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

When you picture a contemporary bedroom, you most likely think of pale woods, plenty of white sheets and lots of monochrome.

However, being contemporary doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice charisma or personality.

We’ve listed ten excellent ideas that will make your contemporary bedroom as charming as you are.

If you want a clean, contemporary look for your bedroom, then a neutral color palette is a must.

Neutral is key

There’s plenty to choose from, be it a glossy finish or an exciting print; adding something a bit different to one wall can really make it stand out.

A Feature Wall

Frilly cushions are out if you want an up-to-the-minute look. Keeping things gender-neutral in the bedroom is your best bet for maintaining a sleek look.

Frills Are a Big No-No

To avoid your bedroom getting boring, you can use accessories to brighten it up and add interest to an otherwise monochrome design.


If you want a sleek and modern bedroom, then clutter is the last thing you need.

Use Your Space Effectively

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