An Absolutely Spectacular Steel, Glass, And Concrete House In South Africa 

This new steel, glass, and concrete house designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects is located in Sandton, an upscale district north of the city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The architects worked with the clients for about twelve years before they started building.

The 15,220 square foot home is situated on a 4,000 square meters east sloping/facing property though the house itself is north facing with the major rooms having the view to the east and the entrance from the west.

The north and east elevations are totally glazed, with the screens used for sun control during the hot months, as well as parts of the southern elevation.

The main entrance is situated between two water features, with a larger water feature and the pool immediately visible through the transparent hall.

An atrium divides the more formal part of the home from the family living space, with a spacious study, formal lounge, and guest bedroom placed to the west side and the open plan kitchen.

These rooms open onto a covered patio (lanai) with views to the east and adjoining the pool area, fire pit, and large pond, with a Jacuzzi on one side.

Two garages are situated in the basement and another two are next to the entrance hall.

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