18 Fabulous Ideas To Bring Spring Vibes To Your Outdoor Spaces

Photo: @cindimc.ivoryhomedesign

It’s hard to believe, but spring is around the corner and it’s time to plan your outdoor living spaces with these inspiring outdoor ideas.

Photo: @truemanstreasures

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors, so why not decorate your outdoor spaces to celebrate the season.

When planning your design scheme to infuse spring into your outdoor spaces, you will want to consider your color palette. Fresh pastel hues will help to brighten your outdoor spaces.

Photo:  @somutschlove


Photo: beyond_gray

This outdoor space features a welcoming “hello” mat, layered on top of a larger striped mat (5’x8′) in neutral hues. 

Inviting Spring Porch

This gorgeous outdoor space offers an idyllic spot to curl up on outdoor furnishings and enjoy a warm fire for those cool spring nights.


Photo: beyond_gray

Outdoor Patio With Spring Vibes

This farmhouse front porch in the beautiful Birkhead Mountains Wilderness features inviting details such as the flower baskets and the signs… and the rocking chairs!


Photo: rachel_thepondsfarmhouse

Farmhouse Spring Porch

Beautiful front porch features a stenciled floor using @valsparpaint and a stencil from @stencilrevolution.


Photo: @simplyjunkin

Charming Spring Front Porch


Photo: @lifeoncedarlane

Dreamy Backyard Patio

This outdoor space is perfect for celebrating spring weather. The outdoor furnishings are from Target, while the outdoor area rug was sourced from Pottery Barn.

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Photo: @cindimc.ivoryhomedesign