A South Carolina Lowcountry house with sophisticated yet calming interiors

Pearce Scott Architects together with Cortney Bishop Design conceived this stunning Lowcountry house situated in the picturesque Palmetto Bluff neighborhood of Bluffton, South Carolina.

Envisioned as a tranquil haven, this residence was specifically designed as a vacation home for a New York-based family of four, offering them an idyllic sanctuary to seek respite from the bustling urban landscape.

With the aim of imbuing the home with a laid-back Southern ambiance, the designer sought to create a space ideal for casual entertaining.

Stepping through the custom steel French doors from Optimum Window, you are greeted by a Griffin console table from Lawson Fenning, along with a striking mixed-media piece by Belgian artist Sabine Maes.

The property also includes a carriage house, which was conceived before the main residence was constructed.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Southern tobacco barn, both structures exude a timeless appeal.

The walls, made of shiplap with a contemporary eight-inch scale, bring a modern twist to the local style, while the home’s chimney is crafted from Tabby, a traditional Lowcountry concrete mixture composed of sand, lime, and crushed oyster shells, giving it a robust character.

Adorning the front hallway is an abstract watercolor painting created by the talented Atlanta artist Sally King Benedict.

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