A Sophisticated Home With Peaceful Views Over Lake Minnetonka

MA Peterson Designbuild in collaboration with The Sitting Room has completely reimagined this sophisticated home that boasts serene views of Lake Minnetonka in Deephaven, Minnesota.

This dwelling was created to maximize views of the lake, featuring luminous living space, creative design details, and luxuriously appointed finishes.

With only the foundation, garage, and deck left intact, this home was completely remodeled to operate like a new custom home. Featuring an open vaulted gathering space for the kitchen, dining, and living area.

The 7,850-square-foot lakefront home features an array of luxurious finishes. A whole wall of 50-foot sliding glass doors capitalizes on the views of the lake while flooding the interiors with natural light.

The artwork on the wall of this living room was sourced from local artist Kristi Abbott. The unique paintings feature cerulean hues and earth tones.

From floor to ceiling, this dwelling is in perfect harmony with nature. The open layout of the home offers its inhabitants a wonderful flow, achieved by elevating window and door heights.

There are four bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms in this gorgeous lakefront home.

Pocketing doors that recess into the walls help to conserve space.

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