30+ Small Yet Amazingly Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

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When designing a small master bedroom, it forces us to be more creative, since there are fewer options for furniture placement and accessorizing your space.

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Small bedrooms can be difficult to design for, especially if you are not wishing for symmetry or the matchy-matchy aesthetic.

We have gathered together a collection of master bedroom retreats that will help you get inspired on your own bedroom design. Have a look here for some great tips and ideas!

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This serene bedroom is in tight quarters, with only 30″ between the bed and the sliding closet door. Next to the bed is a simple mirrored finish side table.


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A 1950’s era home features this cozy master bedroom that lacked character and space. The designers added some tricks to create beautiful aesthetics and spaciousness.


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A small bedroom with a neutral color palette uses a layering of textures to give it a cozy, warm feeling. Small, simple artwork helps to not overwhelm the space.


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The ceiling fan was purchased from Home Depot. Above the queen bed, she framed fabric for an instant pop of color. It is a simple way to add art to your walls and very budget-friendly.


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In this space, floor-to-ceiling window panels adds visual affect, while in the center, a roman shade conceals the glazing. Small side tables reveals there is just enough space on either side of the bed.


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