18 Dreamy Scandinavian-Inspired Bedrooms For Winter Hibernation

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Scandinavian-inspired bedrooms are cozy and inviting during this season of the year when you most want to be curled up in bed for winter warmth.

(via El Mueble)

Warm bedding, an abundance of wood, attractive wood floors, soft rugs, or textured coverings are some ideas that will help you decorate and turn up the temperature in your bedroom. 

 You can also visually shelter the bedroom by covering the headboard wall with wallpaper – there are textile designs that are very cozy.

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Winter Warmth While Watching The Snow Fall

Have you noticed how well blue and beige get on in bedding? Choose the first for the sheets and the second for the blankets.


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Extra Warmth With a Wood Panelled Wall

The headboard wall is covered with an old chestnut and oak wood with an ultra-matt varnish to give it a special touch. 


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An Upholstered Velvet Headboard

The interior designer has combined it with delightful bedding and a layering of pillows. The result is warm and cozy.


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Hibernate in a Cabin Style Bedroom

Cabin style provides the best representation of winter hibernation. Don’t you feel like getting into bed, snuggling up in the duvet, and enjoying snowy views, like this one!


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Layering Warm Textures

In your winter bedroom, opt for texture on an accent wall that gives it warmth. The headboard wall is actually wallpaper! The window frames and the cantilevers are composed of wood, matching the beams.


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