Charming Rustic Cabin For Winter Getaways In The Pyrenees Mountains

Throughout this rustic cabin are very comfortable living spaces, created with cozy furnishings and textiles to curl up and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Blankets, skins and warm textiles, with wool and mohair for cushions and upholstery, embrace this home’s inhabitants.

Here, winter is a pleasurable experience to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family while also soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds this home.

The fireplace is the only piece that was preserved, because it helps to delineate two living areas. The fire provides warmth to both the living room and dining room.

An open plan kitchen is very practical and comfortable for when the family comes — or for enjoying breakfast at the bar.

In this country kitchen, the rustic charm is achieved with colors that combine with wood: beige, gray and a special garnet.

The dining table is adorned with a linen tablecloth, pineapples and branches collected from the forest.

The impressive transparent wall of the bedroom helps to illuminate this attic space with natural light.

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