A Beautifully Restored Historic House With Scenic Views Of The St. Croix River

This uninhabitable historic house was not only restored and made livable but also transformed into a light-filled dwelling that maximizes views throughout.

We are loving how every square inch was maximized in this home with clever storage solutions so that an addition was not needed.

Materials throughout this home were repurposed or recycled and the beautiful wood flooring comes from FSC-certified products.

The 25-foot dual-sided fireplace features irregular-cut stone sourced from Rivard Stone. To bring the woodburning fireplace up to code, new footings had to be constructed to support the large structure.

The crisp, clean kitchen is the main focus of the open-plan layout, while the living room exudes luxury with an inset wet bar, dual-sided, stone-clad fireplace, and minimalist furnishings.

In the kitchen, custom painted wood cabinets and concrete countertops sourced from Living Stone Concrete Design.

Simple materials were used throughout the home, including stone, sheetrock, handmade clay tile, and black metal railings.

The staircase presented another challenge in this renovation project. The original staircase wound through the old church’s choir loft and into the priest’s quarters.

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