An idyllic resort-like home designed for entertaining on a Wisconsin lake

Vetter Architects has designed this sensational resort-like home for entertaining family and friends, nestled along Pine Lake in Chenequa, Wisconsin.

The owners envisioned a private retreat designed to indulge their passion for hosting friends and family, a haven where a couple could feel just as comfortable as a lively group of 42.

Positioned on the western shores of a picturesque Wisconsin lake, the location offers a diverse array of natural ecosystems, from forest to prairie to water.

Unlike typical lakeside lots, the site gently slopes toward the water, deviating from the conventional trajectory, thereby directing attention to other elements such as a courtyard and the nearby forest.

The primary obstacle involved striking a balance between creating expansive gathering areas and preserving the inherent beauty of the natural surroundings, without imposing a singular massive structure.

To overcome this challenge, the architects devised an innovative solution by breaking down the project’s scale into manageable components and arranging them akin to a Camp-like assemblage, ensuring harmonious integration with the environment.

The Camp-inspired collection of elements encompasses: – Main Lodge: Serving as the Camp’s gateway and housing a welcoming entry as well as a Mess Hall. – Bunk House: A shared sleeping area and communal space for socializing.

– Party Barn: A dedicated venue for entertainment, seamlessly connected to a swimming pool and an outdoor room. – Guest Cottages: A series of cozy accommodations for visiting guests.

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