A Stunning Ranch House Revival In La Cañada, California

This ranch house revival is the personal family home of designer Courtney Thomas of Courtney Thomas Design, located in La Cañada., California. The original 1500-square-foot ranch house sheltered six people.

There were tight living quarters, even for prior New York City dwellers. The original home was devoid of architectural inspiration.

The designer wanted symmetry, traditional lines, and an abundance of natural light. The dwelling had odd angles, with confused roof lines, wood paneling, and dark spaces.

This gorgeous home underwent a thoughtful redesigner that retained many of the existing features. The designer wanted this house to feel the immediacy of its environment.

The designer added patios to all the bedrooms to make them feel more spacious. Luckily, the temperate California climate makes it possible for the patios to be used consistently throughout the year.

The sink island is the dish and food prep area and the bar island is the mail, crafts, and quick snack spot.

The main bedroom had to be a sanctuary. It features some of her favorite things: a cognac leather reading chair next to a fire, Scottish plaid fabrics, a vegetable dye rug, and art from her favorite cities.

Adding patios to all the bedrooms made all rooms feel much bigger and the temperate California climate means they can get used year-round.

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