North Carolina Mountain Refuge Updated For Entertaining 

The original residence was a custom-designed spec home built by a local builder/developer. When the owners purchased this property, they were eager to put their own stamp on this fabulous home.

It was full of rich details such as the exposed timber frame in the living room, walnut and oak features throughout, and magnificent views of the valley below.

However, some of the finishes did not suit the homeowner’s taste. These features were adjusted, along with new furnishings and decor selections throughout.

The first architectural feature they addressed was the kitchen backsplash, which was once a busy mosaic of glass tiles.

They opted for slabs of silver travertine for a more subdued kitchen and replaced the countertops with honed quartz for ease of maintenance and a bright, fresh compliment to the dark oak cabinetry.

Next, they replaced a number of lighting fixtures with more subtle and sophisticated options like the fixture in the dining room and stairway. 

Many features, such as the living room coffee/cocktail table and the dining table were custom-made locally to design specifications.

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