An Architect Builds Net Zero Row House in Washington, DC

Architect Will Teass of Teass/Warren Architects has just completed renovating this sensational Net Zero Row House for him and his family in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC.

The NetZeroRowHouse began as two architects renovating their 1925 home for their family of four. The simple notion of adding solar panels started the journey to create a Net Zero Row House.

See the rest of this home tour along with tips and tricks from architect Will Teass of Teass/Warren Architects on how to build an eco-conscious home.

The first step is to design a solar array to maximize the production of on-site energy, ideally producing enough electricity over the course of a year to offset the amount of electricity that the home consumes.

Using smart electrical panels, consumption is tracked on a circuit by circuit-based approach providing highly detailed data that illustrates how much each plug, light, and appliance is using.

Energy recovery ventilators provide fresh air that uses either outgoing warm or cool interior air to treat or condition incoming outside air.

Replacing the gas range with an electric induction cooktop provides a superior cooking surface.

Combating climate change can start in your own home using Net Zero design principles. All of the systems are invisible; the house looks and lives like any other.

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