A Peek Inside This Amazing Mountain Refuge In The Colorado Rockies 

This house is a composition of simple shed roofs, expressed on the interior with raw, almost urban loft-like imagery and angular stone forms.

This beautiful mountain refuge in Colorado provides its inhabitants with warm and inviting living spaces. Large windows frame breathtaking surroundings that perfectly capture the evolving seasons. 

The customized furnishings and details throughout this dwelling make it feel unique and completely personalized to their lifestyle.

This steel-and-oak dining table was custom designed by the architect and can be reconfigured for various seating options when entertaining guests.

The ceilings in the dining room are corrugated, galvanized steel with bar joists.

This luminous hallway features fir-slatted walls, built-in bookshelves, and art niches.

This light-filled bedroom features large windows that frame a beautiful meadow.

This radiant bathroom features porcelain wall tiles for a clean and contemporary aesthetic. The shower lends the feel of having an invigorating shower outdoors.

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