A Mountain Modern Retreat With Serene Forest Views In Tahoe

Designed by John Maniscalco Architecture, this spectacular modern mountain retreat is nestled within a peaceful forested property in Martis Valley, Tahoe, California. 

The architectural composition revolves around a unified concept, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces beneath a single, gently sloping roof.

This design element not only facilitates a connection with the surrounding natural beauty but also opens up towards the peaks of the mountains and the vast expanse of the sky.

To ensure privacy and distinct spatial experiences, the public and private areas are thoughtfully arranged as separate wings, each offering its own unique perspectives of the picturesque landscape.

The bedroom wing masterfully frames carefully selected vistas while emphasizing its connection to the sloping terrain through an entirely cantilevered owner’s bedroom that seemingly floats above the valley floor.

Organized with a mindful consideration of the sun’s movement across the site, the program elements of the retreat cater to specific lighting conditions throughout the day.

The bedrooms are strategically oriented to capture the gentle morning sun, while the primary spaces bask in abundant daylight. The outdoor dining and spa areas are grazed by dusk light.

Employing a natural palette of materials that seamlessly integrate with the site, such as stained cedar, zinc roofing, and board-form concrete, the residence engages in a quiet dialogue with its surroundings from spring through fall.

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