Modern Vineyard Home In The Beautiful Willamette Valley

The dwelling is nestled in the hills of this beautiful wine-growing region. Formed from the topography and agricultural plan of the site.

Indoor-outdoor elements visually extend the interior living spaces, while the roof shape mimics the incline of the site.

The main axis of the house is aligned along the contours of the site and on the bias of the vineyard pattern, allowing for varied views of the cascading vineyard here.

The foot of a custom bed frame sits flush against the wall, with a large operable window that gives the sensation of sleeping outdoors.

The other notch is an inward cut that subtly separates the living area from the kitchen/dining and creates additional bench seating on both the interior and exterior.

To mitigate heat from the intense summer sun, clerestory windows on the southern façade and translucent panels above the outdoor pavilion filter light while still keeping the space bright.

This siding also gives privacy to the shower in the main bathroom, which opens completely to the outdoors.

Concrete floors are tinted with color to match the Jory soil of the area; cedar beams, milestone plaster walls, and dark soapstone countertops reflect the colors of the site.