Modern Ski Cabin In Washington State: The Ranchero 

The Ranchero is a base camp for a family of four, offering year round outdoor adventure and a social hub for gatherings of friends and family. 

The architects responded with a simple, rugged design that is responsive to the environment and low on maintenance, letting the family focus on the outdoors.

The open plan home offers 1,600 square feet of living space plus 800 square feet of covered outdoor space.

The deep veranda, over-sized entry and ski wax room provide family and guests a functional landing zone between activities.

Made from low-maintenance,  paint-free aluminum panels, the white ceilings reflect sunlight into the home to make the interior brighter and less reliant on artificial lighting throughout the day.

The furnishings throughout the house pick up on the ruggedness of the architecture as well as the character of the landscape. 

Peeling of steel also occurs at the entry, creating a shelf for keys, wallets, hats and so forth.

Many of the unique details that take advantage of the materials are very subtle. In one corner of the kitchen, for example, the steel peels up to hold chalk for writing notes or drawings pictures on the wall.

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