This modern serene home in Minnesota is in perfect harmony with nature

Strand Design has created a striking modern home that’s nestled within an extraordinary wooded property in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This dwelling caters to the needs of a growing family, with an exterior facade clad with rich materials such as standing seam steel, iridescent brick, poured concrete panels, and natural cedar.

The harmonious fusion of these elements gives rise to a series of rectangular massings that compose this remarkable abode.

Upon stepping inside, one discovers that the residence is organized into three distinct volumes, each serving a specific purpose.

The private family wing occupies the northern section of the property, providing seclusion and tranquility.

Separating it from the living areas is an inviting outdoor living space, accompanied by utility areas that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics.

Throughout the design, materiality plays a key role, carried through both the interior and exterior spaces.

This thoughtful integration of elements creates a backdrop for the 360-degree views of the surrounding natural woodland that is maximized throughout this home.

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