See this modern Mediterranean home with a California cool makeover

Intimate Living Interiors has brilliantly transformed a builder spec home in San Diego, California, into a stunning modern Mediterranean-style home.

Upon taking on the project, the designer encountered a home with minimal finishes and architectural details. However, the homeowner desired a customized space that would perfectly suit their family’s needs.

To meet this challenge, the designer employed essential design principles. Balancing the budget wisely, pushing boundaries where appropriate, optimizing functionality, and accentuating a unique style became the core elements of this rehab project.

The designer began this project by reconfiguring the floor plan layout of this 3,500-square-foot home for an improved flow.

An initial challenge arose from the existing arrangement, which had the kitchen/dining room and the living room separated by an outdoor courtyard, creating some inconvenience to everyday living.

To address this, the designer transformed the dining room into a cozy lounge area, conveniently situated next to the kitchen.

This enabled the kids to stay close by while their parents were in the kitchen, creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere for the family to gather. An outdoor dining area is used as the formal dining space — quintessential Southern California living!

The designer infused the living spaces with a soothing neutral palette and organic textures of rope and basket weave, creating a warm and idyllic California aesthetic.

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