Modern home has outstanding views of the Rocky Mountains

This modern yet inviting home was designed from the ground up by Studio Plow, nestled at the base of a towering 14,000-foot mountain peak in the coniferous forest of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This 3,064-square-foot residence was created to emulate the intimacy of camping while maximizing the area’s dramatic mountain views.

Inspired by a strong connection with nature, each detail of this cozy and inviting refuge was lovingly crafted as a dream home for the parents of the architect of this project.

This coffee + bar cabinet is the perfect spot to make cappuccinos and lattes in the morning and finish the day with a cocktail or a nice glass of wine with dinner.

This handcrafted claro walnut dining table was thoughtfully created by Grain Construction to host the entire family.

The home’s soft minimalism is complimented by moments of funky playfulness, like the powder room which is saturated with warmth, texture, and an array of earthy tones.

Expansive walls of glazing open to the snow-capped mountains and forested valleys of junipers, Ponderosa pine, scrub oak, and white fir throughout the western-facing side.

This layout creates a central fulcrum around which guests and the family can gather, dine, and relish in each other’s company – the hearth moment.

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