Tour this awesome modern house designed around a pool in East Austin

The architect behind Chioco Design has crafted this striking modern house for himself and his wife, located in Cherrywood, a desirable area in East Austin, Texas.

The experience of designing his personal residence proved to be quite interesting for the architect, particularly after spending so many years residing on the same property. Consequently, evaluating the site became a simple process.

Ultimately, it was this deeper understanding of the program’s requirements that made for a successful design.

Maximizing natural light, creating an open layout, and a strong connection with the site were top priorities. Notably, the home features four custom-crafted corner windows standing at fourteen feet tall.

The architectural layout features two interconnected rectangles, that meet and connect in the corners. This connection serves as the primary entry point, facilitated by two sets of sliding doors.

Instead of entering the home through the traditional front facade, the architect envisioned an entrance that meanders through an intimate courtyard. 

Inside, the seamless transition from interior to exterior is achieved with polished concrete floors that effortlessly blend the boundaries.

Notably, white marble takes on a prominent role, gracing the countertops, and backsplashes, along with serving as a key element in the owner’s bathroom and walk-in shower.

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