Marvelous Midcentury Modernist House Remodel In Australia

This modernist-style house has undergone a remodel by the Office of Matthew Green Architects, located in Beaumaris, a beach-side suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Originally constructed in 1953, this family home has remained in its original form for over six decades.

It is also one of the original homes in the suburb of Beaumaris and an excellent example of a Modernist style home from that period.

The original dining/kitchen area was replaced with a contemporary 12-foot high living/dining/kitchen space that connects to the new pool and outdoor entertaining areas via large panes of operable glazing.

The original hallway is retained as a central spine within the layout, with a fixed full-height window at its western end seamlessly connecting this axis with the garden beyond.

Around the communal areas, the axial arrangement is less obvious, freeform instead giving way to an open living area with connections to multiple outdoor spaces.

The architect’s design also introduces a central enclosed courtyard, a common feature of mid-century Modernist homes.

This element complements a central focus within the floor plan that is already established by the original slate fireplace.

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