See This Inspiring North Carolina Mountain Home Created For Aging In Place 

Throughout this home you will find plenty of accessibility upgrades that include an elevator, enabling the homeowner to live out his days in the comfort of his own home.

The dwelling was constructed as a private respite from the outside world, as evidenced by the solid wood, windowless doors that grace the entrance. 

This is a place where the owner’s family can feel welcome to stay and will eventually be passed down through the generations.

The downstairs provides a kitchenette, a bunk space, bathrooms, and a sitting room–everything needed for a home away from home. 

The upstairs features a large kitchen, cozy seating areas, an outdoor living space, and sliding doors that fold completely away to seamlessly blend the interior with the exterior.

The home features clean lines and a contemporary design, but it’s not so modern that it can’t transition into a different style as trends and fads change.

Warm colors, wood and stone elements, and captivating custom details, including the hand-crafted metal tree branch handles on the front door.

The wooden beams that span the vaulted ceiling, and the large windows that offer exquisite views of the surrounding trees, serve to make the home unique give it a timeless, intrinsic sense of belonging with its surroundings.

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