Innovative Quonset-Style Steel Homes for Modern Living

Quonset-style hut homes are considered lightweight structures comprised of corrugated galvanized steel that don’t require interior wall supports.

Prefabricated design shortens construction duration and limits site disturbance, while the 100% recycled (and recyclable) steel building system ensures sustainable use of the material.

Steel Hut's streamlined process, with simple materials and ready-to-order building kits, eliminates custom architectural fees and creates considerable savings.

Each SteelMaster building kit includes high-level architectural,  structural, and material plans and schedules for residential use.

This modern chalet cabin prioritizes covered entryways and outdoor areas and offers plenty of storage for recreational adventure gear.

This model is designed to be built modularly and potentially overtime-working with a flexible set of components to meet evolving space and needs.

Additional models in development include the “Threshold,” a sleek modernist reverse-living model designed to be both the perfect auxiliary space or primary smaller-living unit.

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