A Federal Colonial Waterfront Home Gets A Stunning Restoration In Edgartown

Thanks to discovered  late-nineteenth-century photographs of the house, a visual language was developed for the restoration and extension that brought it back to life.

The original foundation was crumbling and was not supportable. Therefore the entire house was lifted in place and a new brick-veneered foundation was installed under the existing house.

This house not only is a wonderful example of sensitive preservation, but its contribution to the greater good and the historic village is equally important.

This federal colonial home underwent a complex restoration to bring it back to its former glory. A visually striking exterior facade welcomes guests inside, through a beautiful green-painted front door.

Antique floors and timber beams throughout lend historic authenticity, while expanses of windows celebrate water views.

The interior was thoughtfully reconstructed with new spatial allocations to respond to the topography and site conditions.

The redevelopment included a pool, cabana, and an extensive landscaping master plan that included bluestone patios and native plantings.

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